Welcome to BondAmerica, Inc. 

We are in the business of meeting YOUR Surety Bonding needs.

BondAmerica has two methods of serving you:

Retail: Through the retail channel, BondAmerica works directly with our clients (insured). If as a prospective client, you do not have a relationship with an agent that provides surety bonds, we can work directly with you to met all of your surety bonding needs. 

Wholesale:  Through the wholesale channel, BondAmerica works directly with other insurance agents.  Not only do we work with other agents, we often work as the Bond Department for many of our referring insurance agents.  We not only help place the surety bond, handle the issuance of the bond, we also make sure all of the necessary requirements are completed to ensure the process is simple and easy for our partners/agents. 

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We understand that surety bond requirements may be a confusing obligation. Our expert service team is well versed in the state-by-state requirements to meet all of your bonding needs.

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