Your Trusted Source for all forms of Surety and Fidelity Bonds.

Who we are

We are THE trusted source for numerous Agencies and others needing Surety and Fidelity Bonds. We hold all application information in the strictest of confidence and provide our clients with the highest quality guidance required to ensure you get the right bonds for the right purpose.

What we do

We are a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and professional guidance and service. With decades of experience, our staff deeply understands the surety industry. We offer a wide variety of markets catering to preferred clients, non-traditional clients and everyone in between.

Why we do it

There are thousands of licensed insurance agencies that offer surety bonds. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have the expert resources to fully cover the entirety of the bond market. This can lead to increased costs for the bond client in up front premium and potentially in later claims.

Our Team


Sarah Crowder

Bond Manager/Agent

Jeremy Davis

Account Executive/Partner

Jason Smith

Account Executive/Partner

Mona Thomas

Financial Specialist

Grant Webb

Bond Specialist

Come work for us, we are hiring!

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